Why 2 Eagle?

Why should you come to 2 Eagle Outfitters? We provide what you need to protect what is yours.

We offer sprayed in bedliners that seal, soundproof and rustproof the bed of your truck.

Utilizing the exclusive, professional grade, Poly Seal System, the material is thick and extremely tough with impact resistance of over 50,000 psi. That means, no matter what you throw at it, your bedliner is going to take it. You know that sooner or later the bed of your truck is going to take some hard shots. Make sure this protection is in place. The surface will not abrade anything you put in your truck. This material also provides excellent UV protection.

The cost is far more reasonable than you might think.

Bedliner Pricing Starts at $389

That's it! Call us and schedule an appointment and ask us about our other offerings! Remember, We Have You Covered!

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